SF2200 SCF Series Full Feature Drive (SF2200)

DIMENSIONS: 9.8"H x 6.7"W x 8"D (249mm x 170mm x 203mm)WEIGHT: 14lbs (6.4kg)

The SCF series full feature sub-micro drive includes 18 isolated terminals: 5 logic inputs, 2 logic outputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs plus 2-wire RS485 Modbus Serial communication. The SCF drive is ideal for 3-phase motor control applications that require reversing, soft start, and/or variable speed up to 4 times the motor rated RPM. A high frequency output option is available for high speed applications up to 1000Hz. Combined with integral overload protection, this virtually eliminates the need for 2-speed motors, motor starters and reversing starters. The SCF drive can also be used as a phase converter to operate a 3-phase motor from a single-phase supply.

SCF series drive is configured and ready to use for most simple applications. By simple reprogramming, the SCF can perform many application specific tasks such as multiple preset speeds, motor jogging and electronic braking by adding the optional dynamic braking kit. Additional options include a full function NEMA 4X remote keypad, DIN rail mounting kit and 'through hole mounting' which puts the heat sink outside the electrical enclosure. The optional electronic programmable module (EPM) programmer can copy drive programs in 2 seconds. The EPM becomes the drives memory and plugs easily into the SCF drive. Switching pre-programmed EPMs saves time and avoids errors allowing your machine to operate in different modes or process different products without reprogramming the drive.

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